Friday, December 4, 2009

Ready For Christmas!

At least my blog is ready for Christmas! As for the rest of my crazy life....notsomuch. School is winding down....only 6, yes S-I-X MORE DAYS!!!!! I'm am so ready for it to be over. In the mean time, I'm writing 2 papers and getting ready for finals.....

The kids are great. They're just getting ready for Christmas and getting more excited by the day. Darling Daughter has now started receiving texts to MY PHONE! It's pretty sad that I have to relay text messages to my 8 year old. And I'm just the meanest mother in the world because I won't let her have her own cell phone, because you know "all her friends have one." She also informed me tonight that she needed her own email address. Just another thing which earned me the Meanest Mommy Of The Year Award. Ohhh, I don't know what I'm going to do with that one....

Stay tuned for our annual 52 Family Christmas get-togethers.... I'm already tired!!! Pictures coming soon, I promise!!

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Jenn said...

I'm honored that you are now a part of the Meanest Mommy Club. You do realize that I am the founder and CEO...right? Julien tried the email address thing too, of course I told him that he was crazy if he thought he would be getting that kind of access to the world of pervertion!

I personally think this is the time of year that we get to pack up and go somewhere cold and snowy and dodge the endless bombardment of annoyances and food...but I think that is called being a I can't wait for photos of all 52 family events while I'm posting mine...starting with this morning!

Let the fun begin! Can't wait to catch up with your family and CONGRATULATIONS on only S-I-X more days of school!!!!!