Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter to everyone out there in bloggerland! We had a fantastic Easter. We went to church this morning and then to my parents house for dinner and an egg hunt for the kids....followed by a detour by the Afterhours Clinic for Kaylyn. She is sick AGAIN, this time with Strep Throat. But the good news is, the ear thing she had going on a couple of weeks ago is clear. For those of you who don't know, she had cellulitis in her ear canal that just wouldn't clear up. After a trip to the ENT before we went to the beach, we discovered an infected hair follicle, which was treated.

Handsome fella, looking SHARP!

Pretty Girl being the camera hog
(Pre Strep symptoms)

The kiddos in front of the Easter Lily tree at chuch

Time to hunt some eggs!

Kaylyn did manage to make it off the couch to hunt some eggs. Poor baby feels rotten. She got some good ol Bicillin in the leg and she'll feel better tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Morning on the Beach

We spent Saturday morning enjoying the beach...until that crazy wind decided to start blowing again! It was pleasant for about and hour then out of nowhere the wind picked up and only got worse all day long.

Playing in the ocean with some BIG waves! They were having a blast until some guy walks up and I hear "Excuse me ma'am. There's a double red flag today. No swimming." So out of the water they came, and pretty bummed about it (they weren't in but about calf deep anyway. They are both squatting in the pic above.)

Dance Magic Competition

Saturday afternoon was dance time. After all it WAS the reason for the trip. We lucked out this year and didn't dance until 2:00 and all of our school's dances were back-to-back.
All Night Long: This song got a gold ranking, although I thought they danced very well, and in my opinion, this was their best song.

Hold on to your hat!!! Still dealing with those pesky hurricane strength winds, which were worse than the day before. Her hat almost met it's untimely demise in the lagoon behind her! Luckily it was caught by a palm tree!

Working Day And Night: This song also received a Gold ranking.

The Spirit of '45: This song received and Elite Gold ranking and 2nd overall. They also won "Most Entertaining Dance of the Day."

Overall a very good weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

We took a little trip....

....down to good ol PCB last weekend for Kaylyn's second dance competition. Let's just say this was a less than desirable beach trip. Friday was our only full day on the beach, which was also the day Alabama was invaded by a string of tornadoes. It was a sunny day in the heart of the Redneck Riviera, but we had to deal with hurricane force winds. Seriously, the wind was so annoying and howling so loudly, it made the day SO cold! The kids didn't seem to care as they braved the frigid waters of the Gulf Coast, claiming "The water feel great!" and "I'm not c-c-c-old" (through chattering teeth). They were very upset when it was time to go in for the day. (Because their parents were about to freeze to death!) Anyway, we came home just as pale skinned as we were when we left home :)

See....the wind is about to blow her over!

Searching for seashells by the seashore

Building his sand volcano

Still searching.....

I have no idea what was so funny

So happy to be at the beach, even in hurricane strength winds!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More Baseball!

"MOM! Stop with the pictures!!!"

Check out that concentration

In the hole warming up

Wonder what THAT conversation was about???

Luke's baseball team had their second week of ball games this past weekend. They lost the first game, but were much improved from the week before. They won the second game in a nail biter and were so proud of themselves! Luke batted well and made several outs.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alabama Theater Competition

Saturday we had Kaylyn's first dance competition of the season at the Alabama Theater. Of course they all had a good time and danced well. At the end of the weekend they ended up with 2 gold rankings, 1 high gold ranking, and 4th place overall. I had to miss the first dance because Luke's game didn't get started on time and lasted longer than expected. I had hoped to get there before she danced, but it just didn't happen that way. I was so bummed because I've never missed any of her dances, but I am only one person and can't be 2 places at once. Sigh. I just need a clone of myself! Chaney's mom was kind enough to take some pics for me.

Pretty Girl!

Abby, Chaney, Kaylyn, Molly, and Mary Kate

Check out these Divas!

Showing some attitude

Thought this was a cool shot. It was taken in the mirrors on the ceiling of the lobby.

Abby, Kaylyn, Chaney, and Kensley

The same shot I get every year!

Group shot in the alley before going on stage. Kaylyn said hoodelems lived there!

The end!