Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ball Party!!!

 Way back on May 26 we had Luke's end of the season ball party.  As you can see it was a swim party, which makes me a nervous-wreck.  A good time was had by all...despite my nervous pacing!

 This little boy also decided to start swimming!  Don't know why, but somewhere in the back of his memory, the failed attempts at swim lessons from years past decided to surface and we had success at swimming and he was like a little fish...and his mother breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!
 Garrett, Luke, Trent, and Parker

 Parker, Luke, Ethan

Luke and his trophy

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dance Pictures 2012

 Somewhere along the way I blinked and my baby girl grew up...

 Action shot....

 Robot solider?

 Toe stand...makes my toes hurt!

Kaylyn and Gracie

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awards Day 2012

May 22 was the kids awards day at school. Kaylyn received A-B honor roll for the entire year! (with her only B being 89.5 in close!)

(you will have to excuse the poor quality.  These pics are from my iPhone.  Forgot the camera.)

 Luke 1-upped his sister in the medal department. He received A honor roll for the entire year and perfect attendance!
 Turkey refused to look at me....
 ...and then I got this look....I don't think he wanted his picture taken!

Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Wilson.  Finally smiling for a picture!

I'm proud of these kiddos.  They worked hard for these medals!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Washington, D.C - Day 4

May 11

After our late night the night before, we were up bright and early at the cruel hour of 4:30 a.m. to be packed and have the buses loaded for our final day in D.C.  Our fist stop was the Capital building.

We made the hike up Capital Hill, and made our way through mega security checks.  Then we met our senator, Robert Aderholt.  He took us to the floor of Congress, where he explained the whole voting process for bills and answered questions.  No cameras were allowed in there. 


 Shaylan, Izzy, Kaylyn

 The painting in the ceiling of the Rotunda

 Part of the painting around the Rotunda

In the Statutory Room. Ronald Reagan's Statue.  The darker band under the statue is part of the Berlin Wall.

 Alabama's Statues in the Capital Building: Joseph Wheeler and Helen Keller
 After our tour of the Capital Building, we had about 5 hours to tour the Smithsonian Museums before it was time to head for the airport.  We bolted through the Natural History and the American History Museum at warp speed.
 We had to stop here to say "Roll Tide!"

 The Hope Diamond
 Marie Antoinette's jewelery
 An Egyptian Mummy

After the Natural History Museum, we trotted over to the American History Museum.

A few of the first lady's inaugural gowns:
Jackie Kennedy
Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush
Hillary Clinton
Laura Bush
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama's Jimmy Choo's
The first Dumbo Ride

The Scarecrow's attire from The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy's slipper's
George Washington's chair
Abe Lincoln's hat
Dwight Eisenhower's golf clubs

 Ronald Reagan's campaign
 The first apple computer
 Apolo Ohno's skates
 Archie Bunker's chair
 John Lennon's jacket
The original Kermit the Frog
 Ali's gloves

After 4 exhausting days jam-packed full of adventure it was time to return home.
 Somewhere over Tennessee