Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread Houses!

The kids are now out of school for their Christmas break. They are WILD with Christmas excitement! In order to contain some of that energy, I decided to let them decorate their own gingerbread houses this year. They LOVED it and were occupied for HOURS....while I was locked in my room wrapping Christmas presents!

We've had a busy weekend, and a busy week ahead. Saturday night we had our family Christmas party and today we had the kids' Christmas play at church. This week we will be going to Chris' Christmas party at work, then Christmas Eve at my parent's house, then, of course, there's Christmas day. We will be going to Georgia to my Grandmother's house on Christmas day. Whew! Exhausting! More pics to come....just playing catch-up...

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Jenn said...

You actually get to use the lock on your bedroom door? I'm so jealous.