Friday, July 30, 2010

Update and How we got here

Chris is feeling some better tonight. No fever since last night and his headache and neck pain are a little more tolerable. Hopefully he will get to come home on Sunday. did we get here? It started Monday afternoon when he had some cramps in his calf muscles and just felt really tired. I decided was probably mild dehydration from working in the sweltering heat and not drinking enough liquids while do so. He drank lots of Gatorade and rested for the night and felt better. Tuesday he still had calf pain but had more energy, we thought his calves were just sore from the major cramp the night before.

Moving on to Wednesday afternoon. He worked all day Wednesday, still with the calf pain. He called me on his way home from work and told me he had a really bad headache and his arms and legs were cramping. I decided it was time to drag him to the doctor for some IV fluids. We went to the Urgent Care here in Jasper, we waited about and hour before he was triaged, his headache was getting worse during our wait. Once he was in a room, I needed to go get the kids settled and dropped off at my parents. I was gone for about 45 minutes and when I returned he was much worse, he spiked a fever to 102, and he had some major neck stiffness, which he didn't have when we checked in. I knew he probably had meningitis.

I found his nurse and told her about the neck stiffness, the doctor came in and told us to go straight to the ER; he was very concerned about Chris having bacterial meningitis because of how fast the symptoms were progressing. They threw a mask on him and off we went. When we got to the ER they put him in a room immediately (thank goodness because the place was PACKED!) and did his spinal tap and started his antibiotics within about 20 minutes of us being there. Luckily his spinal fluid was clear, indicating viral meningitis. The ER doctor decided to admit him until his cultures came back negative and until he was fever-free and his pain was tolerable.

It was at this point things came to a sudden halt. As I said the ER was packed and they were very busy. They also had to shuffle some other admitted patients around because Chris had to have an isolation room. We deal with this issue at work every winter, and I know the process can take several hours. I told Chris to get comfy, we would be there a while. I went to the nearest Red Box and rented us...well ME some movies to watch on my laptop while we waited....we ended up watching all 3, yes, T-H-R-E-E of the movies I rented. We were there for 11 hours and were finally moved to his room at around 6:00 Thursday morning. Apparently there was a lot of shuffling to do.

As of now, we are still waiting on the cultures to come back, it still looks like viral meningitis. Hopefully he can remain fever-free and his pain will continue to improve so he can come home.

P.S. I still have lots of pictures to post from our Gatlinburg trip. I'll get them posted as soon as things get settled down around here.

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

My baby boy is 6 years old today!!!


Chris still doesn't feel much better. Still with a lot of neck and back pain and headache. His fever returned last night, but no fever so far today.

His labs still look viral and his white blood count is down, only slightly elevated now. The ultrasound on his leg was normal, but he's still having a lot of pain in his left calf. No one can explain this pain, but it doesn't appear to be anything bad.

They changed his antibiotics and his pain meds last night and so far no more allergic reactions.

We're still waiting on the final results of his cultures, which should be back tomorrow to give him the definite diagnosis of viral meningitis versus bacterial meningitis. At this point, it's very unlikely the cultures would grow bacteria, but he still has to be on isolation until the final results are in.

He's just hanging out waiting on the headache, fever, and neck pain to play themselves out so he can go home.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayers Needed

I'm exhausted, so I'll get right to the point of this post.

Chris is in the hospital. He has meningitis, most likely it's viral meningitis, but we're waiting on cultures to come back.

He feels rotten, having lots of neck and back pain and a killer headache. He's on strong antibiotics, so in the event the cultures were to come back as bacterial meningitis, we're ahead on treating it.

He's also on some strong pain meds for his headache and neck/back pain, which only dull the pain. He had an allergic reaction to one of his medications tonight, most likely the pain med, so they changed it. Hopefully, the itching will stop now.

Another concern is some pretty significant pain to his left calf, which he's had since Monday. No one is sure why he has this pain, but it hurts with even the lightest touch. They did an ultrasound this evening to rule out a DVT.

That is where we stand now...waiting on result of cultures, waiting on his neck/back pain and headache to resolve, waiting on ultrasound results, and a change in his pain meds.

Please pray for the cultures to be negative, for his pain to be resolved, and for the ultrasound to be negative so he can come home, hopefully Saturday.

Also, please remember Kaylyn and Luke. They just don't understand why they can't go see him. He's on isolation precautions and they should not be around him until we know for sure he's not contagious. Luckily, they did not see him at all yesterday. Also, Luke's birthday is tomorrow and he's pretty bummed about not getting to see his daddy on his birthday. I know, it's a "small" issue in the grand scheme of things, but to a 6 year old little boy, it's a huge deal.

I'll keep you posted and give a more detailed account of the events of yesterday after I've had some sleep....the non-consecutive 2 hours of sleep I've had since 4:30 yesterday just aren't enough for my brain to function right now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pool Time!!

Of course we had to have some pool time. I think if we just took our kids somewhere with a pool for vacation they would be perfectly content! It was the first thing they asked about when they woke up every morning and the last thing they wanted to do before they went to bed every night. We were at the pool every night.

Day 2

After the eventful day from the first day of our vacation, we were ready for a calm day on day 2. We ate breakfast at one of the 300 pancake houses in Gatlinburg and spent the morning and after noon around town and at Ober Gatlinburg.
Still amazed by all those rocks!

Trying to catch one of the baby trout...with their hands. For some reason they were not able to catch a fish on this morning...but they sure did try hard.

Riding the ski lift to the top of the mountain at Ober Gatlinburg to ride the alpine slides down the mountain, which totally rocked! Loved the alpine slides, not so fond of the ski lift.

Kaylyn was not so sure of the ski lift either. We were all a little nervous about being carried up the mountain on a small chair attached to a thin cable with the only thing holding us in the chair being a bar across our laps. I could just see one of us slipping between the chair and the bar and falling out of the sky.

Riding the alpine slide.

Riding the rapids
The kids loved these rides.
Stay tuned for more pics....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gatlinburg 2010

So our family vacation has come and gone. We left a day early on Wednesday night with plans on stopping in Chattanooga for the night and spending Thursday morning seeing the sights around the city. However, THIS was our first stop of the trip.....Yes, it wouldn't be a Chilton Family vacation without a little drama/trauma. The trip was off to a great start. We left at 5:45 on Wednesday evening, then returned home at 6:00 because I had forgotten something. When we were finally on the road, we drove to Chatanooga, checked in a hotel and slept for the night. We were up bright and early with plans to stop by Lookout Mountain, Rock City, and Ruby Falls, then drive on to Gatlinburg. With everyone in great spirits, we ate breakfast and were about to go to the car when IT happened. Chris was walking out a door and Luke was walking in the same you see where I'm going with this?? COLLISION...metal door to Luke's big toe...ripping half of his toe nail off. OUCH!!! So, instead of taking a detour to Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls, and Rock City, we took a little detour by T.C. Thompson Children's ER with a screaming Luke who was certain they were going to amputate his toe, begging us to "just put a band-aid on it."
Here he is in the ER. Luckily Chatanooga has more than one pediatric hospital, and we were just about the only one's there. We were in and out of there in about an hour minus 1/2 big toe nail and plus one bulky bandage(which he promptly removed about an hour down the road). Luke was very relieved to leave with all of his toes.

We finally made it to Gatlinburg. I haven't been there in about 10 years, literally. Kaylyn was a fetus the last time we went to Gatlinburg. Anyway, I had forgotten about the traffic going into and out of Sevierville and Pigeon Forge. After the trip to the ER and creeping along for nearly two hours in traffic, finding the office to pick up the key to our chalet, we FINALLY made it there around 4:00 Thursday afternoon. Kaylyn was so excited to be in the mountains, since she's never been north of the Alabama state line. I know, I know, she's a deprived child. What can I say, we're normally beach people in the summer. Anyway, we decided we would drive up to the highest point of the Smokey's and let her check out the view. She loved it.

Here is the view from the top of the mountain.

The North Carolina - Tennessee State Line: Elevation 5046. It was about 20 degrees cooler up there making it a cool 80 degrees. We've grown so accustomed to this sweltering hot weather, I thought we may need to break out the winter coats with the 20 degree drop in temperature. Ha Ha!
Of course we had to stop and play in the river. Yes, with Luke's newly injured toe, which was missing half of it's toenail. He was very careful to guard it and would scream if anyone or anything even thought of coming near it.

Luke was amazed by the big rocks in the river and that the river was so small. He talked about it the ENTIRE trip. Yes, he is easily amused.
Stay tuned, more to come...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SO Not Fair!!!

It's just not fair that my offspring got to take a trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago...while I stayed home to work! They went with Nana and Pop and Paul, Candace, and Chloe. So, yes, my ENTIRE family was at the beach having fun....while I stayed home to work! They had a blast and got to play on the beach for two of their three days. On the third day a storm came and blew all the tar balls on the beach. Here are a few pics Candace sent me.
Enjoying some time in the ocean, pre-tar balls

Chloe's getting to be such a big girl! They said she really had a fun time playing on the beach.

And then there's this picture...Oh, what do I say about this one??? I died laughing when I saw this one. It is quiet hilarious! You have Chloe looking like Aunt Jemima in...I'm not exactly sure what kind of hat that is, Luke who's built like a string bean, and Miss Thang who looks like she's got a future as the cover girl for the Sport's Illustrated Swim Suit Edition! What a crew!