Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

The big day finally arrived! Santa came to visit the Chilton household! The kids must have been VERY good this year (when I wasn't looking! Ha!) because he brought them lots of goodies! The big hits were their Nintendo dsi's and new bicycles. Luke also got a new train set, which he asks for Every.Single.Year. Seriously, we have enough tracks to build our very own Polar Express. Kaylyn got a new camera, which she has used almost every minute of everyday for photo-documentation of her life!

I think the kids were only asleep just long enough for Santa to deliver their goodies because when I got up Christmas morning, this is what I found! Kaylyn was sound asleep in her bed and Luke was asleep in the chair with his new Toy Story 3 movie. Apparently, they had been up for several hours during the night playing with their new toys, while Chris and I were sleeping soundly in our bed, unaware of all the activity happening in our living room! While I would greatly appreciate being allowed to sleep on any other day, I was disappointed I didn't get to see their faces when they saw all their surprises. Oh well, I guess the days of having to wake them up so they could see what Santa brought are long gone. I think in the future Santa may start wrapping all their presents! Next year.....Benadryl for everyone! Just kidding....sorta!

Presents from mom and dad!

Santa brought us a family gift this year! Yes, we are now the proud owners of a Wii. We have all had fun playing it for the past few days. Kaylyn totally rocks the Michael Jackson Experience and Luke is hilarious to watch playing Wii Sports. He runs all over the place trying to hit the ball in tennis and has managed to actually hit the T.V. while boxing!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did! We started the Christmas festivities on December 23 at my parents' house. We had lots of good food and enjoyed spending time with the family.
Presents, Presents, Presents!The big hits of the night....
An Easy Bake oven for Kaylyn....the girl LOVES to cook!
Yes, that is a gun for celebration of him shooting his first deer. He's been officially inducted into my family's hunting obsession. The gun is locked safely in Pop's gun cabinet, where it will remain.
A scooter for Chloe.

Stay tuned, more pics coming!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

I can't believe Chloe is 3 years old now! She is such a big girl and has turned into a little Diva. She loves clothes and especially loves shoes....I don't know who she could get that from :) The little Diva is growing up so fast and is doing very well with her hearing and speech. She is talking so much lately and will definitely tell you what's on her mind, no matter what it may be!

The cake made by Candace and her mom

Love the look on her face when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to her

Presents, presents, presents! She told everyone "thank you" after opening each gift

Here's the big 3 year old!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Granny!!!!

Today is my Granny's 80th birthday! We celebrated last night by taking her to dinner and then coming back to my parents' house for some yummy cake and ice cream. My Granny is by far the wisest woman I know. She spent 35 1/2 years teaching 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, but if you ask her former students what they remember most about her, they would tell you her etiquette lessons are what stand out the most. Seriously, she probably taught over half of the adult population of our small town how to properly use a fork and knife! She has taught me so many life lessons and I hope she can continue to help me teach my children these same lessons for many years to come!

The 2 birthday girls! Chloe's birthday party was yesterday as well. I can't believe she will be 3 years old this year! Stay tuned for pics....

Friday, November 26, 2010

He Got One!!

Luke went on his first hunting trip to my family's hunting camp this week and he shot his first deer all by himself! He was so excited! Not sure how excited I am with the fact that my 6 year old was handling fire-arms, but he is home safe, with all limbs in tact. Isn't he cute in all his camo gear!

Not so excited about having deer blood on his face! Sorry Buddy, you can't fight tradition....just be glad your first deer wasn't a boy deer!

Paul and Luke

Dillon and Luke

He now officially has "the fever" so I guess he'll be going on a regular basis!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bama vs MSU

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to MY favorite place during football season. Yes, the fam and I took a little trip down to T-Town to watch the Tide play Mississippi State. It was the kid's first game day experience and they had a BLAST! We went early to join in all the pre-game fun and they loved every minute! It was a fun time, topped off by a big win for Bama.

**Side note: Yes, that is my Auburn loving husband sporting his Bama colors! Oh, the things he will do to make his wife and kids happy! Thanks Honey for leaving the Auburn shirts at home!

Stopping for a photo op

Pre-game fun on The Quad. Love the look on Luke's face as he's peaking around Kaylyn while standing in line for the obstacle course.

Photo op in front of Denny Chimes
Here comes Big Al getting ready for The Elephant Stomp. Doesn't his driver look happy about me standing in his path to take a picture???

On our hike back to the stadium from The Quad, the kids were tired from all the playing in the inflatables, so they found themselves a seat to rest in! (While Daddy stopped at every tent to check on the Auburn game!)

Finally in the stadium! "Whoa" was their first word as we walked out of the tunnel at ground level and saw all the bright lights! They were totally amazed at the size of the stadium!

Watching the pre-game warm-ups and The Million Dollar Band

This little boy had SO much fun yelling for the team and shaking his shaker! He got to change seats with Kaylyn at the end of each quarter so the other parent (and the people behind us) could get a break from being beat with his shaker!

Loving her first Bama Game
Doesn't he look thrilled to be there???? (Sorry to the lady sitting a couple of seats down from us who obviously thought I was taking a picture of her. When you cram over 100,000 people into one place, you've got some close quarters!)

A few shots of the game
.....and the final score!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We sure did! We went Trick-or-Treating last night and the kids had loads of fun and got lots of good candy (enough to last us well into the next millennium)
Watch out! This pirate is one tough cookie!
Iron Man!! He loved his Iron Man costume and even wore the mask most of the night.

Cute little Tinkerbell!
Cheeeeeesssseeee!! Chloe's newest thing is puting her fingers to her mouth whenever you tell her to say "cheese" when taking her picture.

Our Trick-or-Treating crew stopping for a photo-op.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Granny and her Great-Grands

Last weekend my cousin MacKenzie and her family were here visiting from Mississippi. This is the one picture I got of the weekend. I unlike me! It was great to see MacKenzie, Jason, and baby Oden (and his little brother or sister, who will arrive in March). It was also great to see my grandmother able to entertain guest again. She is doing well since her cardioversion just a little over 1 month ago.

Oden is such a sweet and happy baby and just went with the flow. He did really well being in a different environment around family he had never met. We look forward to their next visit at Christmas!