Friday, June 26, 2009

We're Home!!

Yeah!!! We were discharged this morning and are SO glad to be home. Kaylyn is feeling great with very little pain and is back to her usual spunky self. So far the oral antibiotics are agreeing with her. We go back next week to have the drain removed and then this whole ordeal will be behind us. Here are a few pics from our days at Hotel de Children's....
Poor baby. She felt pretty rotten.
She did manage a smile for the camera

This is what caused all of the problems. It's a little hard to see in the pic, but the outline drawn on her back was where all of the cellulitis was. It was also on her chest. This is the night we were admitted when she couldn't move her shoulder or turn her head to the left side. By the next morning, almost all of the cellulitis was gone and she had much more movement in her shoulder and neck. The problem was the knot directly on her shoulder, which is where the abscess was and where they placed the drain yesterday.

Wishing she could go outside. She was so tired of being trapped in her room.

She kept her hand in this position the ENTIRE time. Didn't even move it in her sleep. The nurses told her she couldn't move it while it was hooked up to the pump (every 8 hours). She took those instructions seriously!

A cookie arrangement from the kids at Mountainview. Thanks guys!
(notice the hand)

Luke came for a visit. He was so happy to see his Sissy. If I didn't know better, I would think think they missed each other ;). Seriously, Luke was really worried about her. He kept asking "are they going to hurt her?" He sounded like he was on the verge of tears.
(hand still in the same position)
Off to the OR, just ready to get it over with so she could eat.

We're Outta Here!!!

Just waiting on our walking papers!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're Still Here

Yes....still here... We will be here another night, but hopefully will come home in the morning. The test now will be to see if she can tolerate her antibiotics by mouth. If she can't tolerate them, we can't go home. The big trial will take place at 8:00 tonight. Honestly, we're both ready to blow this pop-stand, but I'm not comfortable taking her home until I know for sure she will be able to tolerate the antibiotics at home. They won't do her much good if she can't hold them down and we would be back in here in a few days. She's GOT to have 10 days of ifs, ands, or buts. A major reason the 10 days of antibiotics are a must (aside from the fact that the abscess could reoccur) is that the area of infection was directly on top of her bone. This means there is a risk for osteomylitis, which is a bone infection and a major pain in the rear. Very difficult to get rid of and involves long term IV antibiotics, so we definitely don't want that!

Kaylyn has done great since coming out of surgery. She had some pain and itching from the anesthesia, but a dose of Tylenol #3 and Benadryl cured those problems. She has been eating like a cow!! Since she got back to her room she has eaten: An ENTIRE Big Mac Meal (I"m talking not ONE crumb left behind), 2 bowls of soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and fries, 3 popsicles, and onion rings. It's really quiet comical to watch this skinny little child devour all of this food! I think she may be full now. She's asleep now and I'm enjoying the peace getting ready to settle in for another night at Hotel de Children's.

Out of surgery

We just spoke with the surgeon. She's out of the OR and doing well. She'll be back to her room in about an hour. Still no definate time as to when we can come home.

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Going to surgery now

They just called to get her ready for surgery. Just in time. She's getting pretty restless and HUNGRY! I'll update when she's out....

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Going to Surgery...

The sugeons just left and have decided to do surgery some time today(hopefully early). They will clean out the area on her shoulder an place a small drain. I'm just glad to see an end in sight. She's glad to hear there will be no more packing changes. The big "H" word was even mentioned. Maybe tonight??? We'll see.... I'll keep you posted...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Fun!

The dressing change has been done and it was no fun, heatbreaking actually. Being on the other side of all of these painful procedures is a totally different world. I know it has to be done, but it breaks my heart when she's begging me to not let them hurt her. Kaylyn did great though with very few tears and she managed to make it through the whole ordeal giving them just a small piece of her mind. Now we're on to bigger and better things to worry breakfast. She's upset because she won't be able to eat anything after midnight. With her very manner-of-fact attitude, she says "Let's talk about what's going to happen in the morning. Exactly when will I get to eat breakfast?" Oh, what a fun morning we will have...*sigh* In the mean while, I think she's trying to store up foods. I think she's just about emptied the pantry. I'll post an update in the morning when I find out what the verdict is.... I just want my baby to feel better and to get this whole ordeal behind us so we can go home.

"I'm Tired of Being Here...."

....seems to be the quote of the day. Cabin fever has hit with a vengence! Even her cool electronic bed that goes up and down and up and down and up and down is no longer interesting. She is SO ready to go home, but it doesn't seem like that will be an option until tomorrow evening at the very earliest (if we're lucky), probably more like sometime Friday. They will be coming in the next few minutes to change her packing and she's getting more nervous by the minute. I keep telling her she will have some medicine in her IV to help with the pain and make her sleepy(morphine), but she's not convinced. For now, we're just hanging out and getting her antibiotics. Judging from the size of the knot on her shoulder, which has gotten bigger throughout the day, a trip to the OR is looking more and more likely. Compared to yesterday, she is feeling much better. She is able to move her neck and shoulder more and the redness is much better, but the area of the abscess is still very painful to touch. We still have 2 more doses of antibiotics before the surgeons come back in the morning to check her out and decide what we are going to do. We're keeping our fingers crossed.....

They are walking in the room as I type to give her the morphine. I'll keep you posted...


The surgeon was just in to see Kaylyn. He said there apprears to be a second abscess just below the first one. As of now, the plan is to continue IV antibiotics throughout the day and night and re-evaluate it again in the morning. He said unless there is considerable improvement, we will most likely be going to the OR sometime tomorrow. For now we are just hanging out, enjoying our stay here :) Kaylyn is doing well and is feeling much better (well enough to complain about being here). Please pray that the antibiotics will do the trick so we can avoid the OR.

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Still waiting

The ultrasound is done. Now we are just waiting for the results. I'll let you know.....

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Not Much To Tell

Well, we are still waiting for ultrasound. The night was pretty uneventful. Just the typical hospital life. Being on the other side of things is no fun! Kaylyn's shoulder is still hurting pretty bad but the redness seems to be some better. We should know more after the ultrasound. I'll keep you posted...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yes, we have our very first hospital admission..... Kaylyn had to be admitted tonight for IV antibiotics. She has an abscess on her shoulder that didn't respond well to antibiotics and the infection was spreading so here we are....

She's been a real trooper through this whole thing. If you've ever had an abscess, you know they are very painful. She had an incision and drainage last night and a shot of antibiotics, which should have done the trick. This morning when she woke up, she was still in a good bit of pain and it was still pretty red, so I called her doctor to have her packing changed and to get another shot of antibiotics. By this afternoon the redness was spreading down her back and chest so the decision was made to admit her.

If all goes well she'll be able to come home tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. She will have an ultrasound of her shoulder in the morning just to make sure this "bug bite gone bad," as she calls it, is not more involved than we think. If that is the case, or if it is still not responding to the IV antibiotics, then we may be looking at surgery to clean it out. I'll post updates as I get them, but in the mean while, say a little prayer that the antibiotics are all we need and we'll get to go home by Thursday morning.

(P.S. I'm trying to get some pictures uploaded, but this internet connection is not the best in the world and it doesn't appear I will be getting them on here.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

End of Season Party

Earlier this week we had Luke's end of season party for Tee Ball at Pump It Up. I LOVE that place! SO much fun! The kids had a blast. Luke showing off his very first trophy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

World Tour 2009

Yesterday we had Kaylyn's dance recital. It was at the BJCC again this year and all the girls had a great time. The title this year was World Tour 2009. They danced their way through 2 shows and are exhausted. This year was their first year to have 3 songs in the recital. There were 2 recitals yesterday, which means a total of 6 dances and costume changes. Kaylyn was asleep in the car before we were half-way home last night! We're all glad for summer break and will be excited to return in the fall.
Kaylyn and Abby just before showtime So I attempted to video her dances with my camera. They are not the best in the world, but you can see what she's been working on all year. The first two songs were the one's they competed with. The last one was added after the competition. I missed a few seconds of the first song because of camera/operator malfunction, but I did get Kaylyn's part. Warning: You may need a dose of Dramamine before watching these videos!

5 years

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since Kaylyn went bouncing into her first dance class. She was so excited to get her 5 year award. Every year she's always asked when she would get a big trophy. Last night she finally got it! She's earned it too. She's come a long way since the days of "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and "Three Little Fishies." Keep up the good work Kaylyn! I'm proud of you!

Speaking of 5 years....Every dancer receiving 5, 10, or 15 year awards gets a special page in the program with all of their past dance pics. You know the chance to post old pics, so here they are... Where has my baby gone??

Congratulations Amber and Kyle

I finally got some time to post some pics from my cousin Amber's wedding which Chris and I went to last weekend. Better late than never! It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception at The Rankin. There was lots of good food, music, and an open bar :).Amber and Kyle's first dance

Amber and her dad William

Cool cakes and a candy bar. Loved it!