Sunday, March 30, 2008

First time on "real" roller skates....

This afternoon Kaylyn went to her friend Isabella's birthday party, which was a skating party. This was Kaylyn's first time to be on "real" roller skates. She soon found out they are a little different from her Little Tykes roller blades she's been skating around the driveway in. Let's just say she spent most of her time picking herself up off the ground! I laughed until I was crying. That little girl must have one tough bottom because she would fall and get right back up and skate a few feet and then fall again. This went on for 2 hours! I have to admit, I spent 2 hours gasping everytime she would fall. The ER nurse in me could just see her getting up missing her front teeth or with a broken arm. I can't help it... I've seen these injuries too many times over the past 9 years! Oh well, Kaylyn had a blast and she already wants to go back!

Wipe Out!!!

OKay...I think I've got it....

....Maybe Not!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The Easter Lilly Tree at Church

Hamn' it up for the camera!
Handsome Boy
Sweet Lil' Chloe

(I don't know why she insisted on doing this same pose for every pic today!)

The Easter Bunny Came...

This is what I woke up to at 6:00 this morning. The kids were already up and checking out all the goodies. I'm not sure what time they got up, but by 6 a.m. they had already managed to dump out their Easter baskets and Luke had already eaten most of his candy!

Hunting Easter Eggs

It's An Easter Bunny Nest

All week Kaylyn has been talking about the "surprise" she and Granny were making for Easter dinner. They made a cake that looked like and Easter Bunny nest. She was so proud of her cake!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maggie Got A Haircut!

Maggie's hair had gotten so matted and out of control, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get her a hair cut. She is NOT happy right now. She's so embarrassed, she doesn't even want to look at me! I can't say I blame her, she does look kind of like a big rat right now! Oh well, it will grow back and I'm sure she feels much better.

I Couldn't Forget My Other Baby!

Crimson has gotton so big in the past few weeks. She's so funny... all legs and very clumsy! She's the most loving dog I've ever had; she just wants to be near me all the time and sits under my feet constantly. She thinks she's a lap-dog and I keep telling her she's going to get to big to sit in my lap. So far we're doing good with the whole puppy chewing phase. I've caught her a few times chewing on something that's not hers, I fussed at her and gave her the dog toys and she doesn't touch whatever got her in trouble again. Pretty smart!


I took these pics last week when Chloe was staying with me. Since her mom and dad are a little behind on starting her a blog (HINT, HINT), I decided to post these myself. She's growing so fast; she is 3/12 months old now and at such a fun age. She's smiles all the time now and only cries when she's hungry or needs to be changed. I usually keep her one or two days a week when I'm not working and we have so much fun. It's a good thing she's a good baby, because she get's to go on all my weekly errands with me, she gets drug from place to place and usually sleeps the whole time. I had forgotten how hard it is to take a baby shopping, and how much stuff you have to drag along with you....I'm being "re-educated!"
Check out the hand coodination
She's found her feet
Lovin' the frog toy (Wonder who she gets that from?)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ridin' In The Big Truck

So, Chris had to do some traveling to Huntsville for his job this week. Somehow he ended up driving the Craneworks truck home this evening. He decided to go and pick up Luke from school in it. Luke was so excited, I wish I could have seen his face, but as usual, I was at work :(. He has always loved to look at the big trucks and to get to ride in one is a dream come true for him. This is one of the things on his list of "When I get bigger" goals. He loved it!

I think Chris was doing some advertising!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Kid's First Snow....

...was less than expected. The light dusting we woke up to this morning was NOT the 3-5 inches predicted. The kids didn't care, though, they were just excited to see a little of the white stuff. They played for a little while, and then the snow was gone by around 9:00. I had to work today so I missed it....I got to drive to work in the mess that was the interstate this morning, so I guess it was a good thing we didn't have much snow...I really didn't want to get called into work in the middle of the night! First snowball!

This was our big snow!
I think this is Luke tasting snow, or maybe after he threw the snowball. (I thought this was a better pic, but my internet is soooo slooooow right now, and I'm soooo tired, I really don't feel like trying to get it off the blog!)