Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is what happens when the front end of a Honda Accord collides with a deer at 40mph. Not pretty! Luckily no one was hurt....not even the deer. As I sat speechless, in shock about what had just occured, I watched it bounce down the road about 50 feet, get to it's feet, fall down and roll some more, then get up and run away! (Excuse my dirty car, haven't washed since I've been driving around in snow-mud for the past week.)

Yep, here's a pic of the detached fender.....
....and the busted head-light.....
....and the busted grill, with a little souvenir fur left behind by the deer lucky enough to cross in front of my speeding car!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!!!

She's so happy because we finally got some REAL snow! We had about 5 inches of snow Monday morning AND we didn't lose power! Life.Is.Good. The kids had a BLAST playing in it...and they are STILL playing in it! Yes, we're going on 3 days of snow and no school! They couldn't be happier. As for me - well, I'm ready for the white stuff to go away now! At least the roads are somewhat drivable now, just a bit slushy.

Hubby even got to stay home to play in the snow

Luke making a monster snowball

Me in my "Michelin Man" suit. Don't laugh. It keeps me warm!

Of course we had to make some snow angels. She only went through about 5 changes of clothes, with each change, equaling 3 layers of clothes. Yeah, lots of laundry for me!

Snow boy Ninja about to nail me with a snowball

Yummy snow!

Found a cool snowman!

And now we move on to the Redneck Sledding portion of the day....

Hey, it's Alabama. We don't see real snow often enough to own real sledding gear, so we make do with whatever we can find. In our case: the bottom of a car luggage carrier (complete with kindermat seating) tied to the back of a 4-wheeler in an open field. Yeah baby! Fun times!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Georgia

After a short while of checking out the gifts from Santa, it was time to pack up and drive to Georgia to spend Christmas day with my family there. We had lots of fun spending time with family and of course lots of good food.
A few generational pictures....Grandmama and her children: My Uncle Mike, Aunt Tammy, and my mother.
Grandmama and her grandchildren: Me, Paul, Amber, Kevin, and Chad

And here's the great-grands: Brian, Chloe, Kaylyn, Luke, and Brandon

And here's what we saw of the first White Christmas I can ever remember....We actually spent the day driving away from the snow. When we left home it was raining and yucky. When we got to Anniston, the rain turned to snow, and as we drove over Mt. Cheaha, the snow got harder and was starting to accumulate. Once we were over the mountain, the snow stopped and we drove back in to rain. It rained ALL. DAY. LONG while we were in LaGrange, but they had 2-4 inches of snow predicted for the night. With the temps predicted to remain below freezing the next day, we knew the roads would not thaw enough for us to be able to drive home the next day. Since Chris and I both had to be at work Monday morning, we decided to drive home Christmas night instead of risking being stuck in Georgia. SOooo, we headed home just before dark and drove BACK into the snow, couldn't cross Mt. Cheaha by this time so we had to come home through Talledega and the roads were still pretty treacherous and it was snowing really hard, but thank Goodness we made it home safely....and we made it to work Monday morning!

This wraps up the Christmas pictures. Wishing everyone a very Happy 2011!