Monday, November 28, 2011


Changes. Not normally a fan of those. But, there always comes a time when a change is needed. That time came for me about a month ago when after 12 1/2 years I left the ER and joined the Diabetes Team to become a Diabetic Educator. It has been a lot like leaving home for the first time. The ER raised me from a brand- spanking new - 21 year old - fresh out of school - baby nurse, to a real grown up nurse. There comes a time when everyone must leave the comforts of home.

While I miss the ER tremendously, I really do love my new job. I am learning so many new things and the people I work with are so nice and have welcomed me with open arms (literally!) I love teaching the families of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients how to care for their children. Plus the fact that I get to work like a normal person is a big bonus!

Iron Bowl 2011

Guess who spent this past Saturday in Auburn at the Iron Bowl???? WE DID!! We had a good time and I, for one, was very pleased with the outcome of the game. (Chris, on the other hand, feels differently about this subject.)
This cute litte cheerleader was kind enough to stop to pose with the kids. (Luke standing a little taller with his goofy grin.)

Chris in his Auburn gear stood out in the sea of crimson.

Me and my Bama babies waiting for the game to start.

A few of my latest heroes in pre-game warm-ups.

First play of the game.

Enjoying the game.

Big Al

The UA and AU band united at half-time as a tribute for the victims of the April 27 tornados.

Kaylyn decided to play with my camera during the game. Chris was happy about something....must have been a good play by Auburn.

Self portait by Kaylyn B. Chilton

The final score. Rammer Jammer!! Then we got to make the LOOONNNNGGG drive back home on hwy 280 game day traffic. Uggghhh! But the game was well worth the drive!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ground Breaking Ceremony For Our New Church!

As most of you know our church was destroyed during the April 27th tornadoes. After 6 months of planning the design and sorting finances, we had the ground breaking ceremony for the new church building. The day was a very emotional day for the entire congregation. The theme of the ceremony was the future building on the past: Upon this hill, God's vision to fulfill. I can't wait to see this new church building become a reality. I know it will be beautiful!
Kaylyn stopping to pose before the ceremony

Chloe and Luke playing in the dirt. Why is this significant you may ask? You see the scrap wood they are playing with? That's leftover wood from the old building. I realize it's just scrap, half rotten wood, but it's a part of the building, which was so much a part of my childhood and adulthood.

Pastor Ryan, the architect, the contractor, and the chairman of the building committee turning the first ground.

Notice the buildings in the background. Those are the buildings of mainstreet, which are FINALLY slated to be demolished. The last physical reminder of that dreadful day. Now to just rebuild on all this bare ground around here!

The next group to turn the ground consisted of the elders of the church and the youth of the church. Luke was chosen as one of the youth. I hope he will always remember he was one of the one's to use the "golden shovel," as he called it and realize the significance of that event. At 7 years old, he was just thrilled to get to play with the "golden shovel." I hope when he is a grown man, and the church building is celebrating it's 20th anniversary he can remember he was a part of it's beginning.

And here's a sketch of the future Long Memorial United Methodist Church.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful time. We sure did, with the exception of Luke being sick. We were still able to make it to our annual trick-or-treating event for a little while.
This year the kids picked out their costumes, with no persuasion from me.

Kaylyn wore a "Devilrina" costume....

....complete with a tail, which she loved.

Luke decided he wanted to be something scary. He picked out the "Scream" costume. He has no idea exactly what the Scream costume is, since he's never even heard of the movies, but he thought it was scary and ugly, so that's what he wanted to be.

It came complete with oozing blood on the mask, which he loved.

Oh how I long for the days-gone-by when I got to pick out their costumes.


Chloe's costume was a cute little Smurfette....

....complete with a ginormous blue nose. She really got into the whole trick-or-treating thing this year and kept saying "I like this!"