Monday, December 21, 2009

First Visit To The Eye Doctor

Lately I've noticed Luke squinting and pulling his books closer to his face when reading. Since, (a) he's never been to the eye doctor, and (b) I had the WORST vision before LASIK (seriously, couldn't read the big "E" on the Snellen chart), I decided we'd better have it checked out. Luckily he read 20/20 on the chart, so no need for glasses. However, she did say his eye muscles are a little weak, causing him to have difficulty focusing on small print. She gave us some exercises to do everyday to help strengthen these muscles and we should see some improvement before too long.
As you can see he was scared to death. He kept asking if they were going to cut his eyeballs out! Luckily he managed to make it through, with both eyes in tact!

Kaylyn is up next. Hopefully we'll get the same good news. Fingers crossed for no glasses! Praying my kids don't inherit my bad eyesight!

P.S. Sorry this pic is not the best in the world. I forgot my camera so the only pics I have are compliments of my iPhone, whose battery was dying.

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Jenn said...

That is great news that he doesn't need glasses AND they let him keep his eyeballs! A good day all around!