Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was great. The kids slept until 7:15, which is unheard of on Christmas morning around my house. We had to hurry and check out the Santa goodies, then get ready to head for Georgia. Santa must have thought both kids were good this year because he brought them just about everything they asked for. After much persuasion, I decided it would be okay if he brought Kaylyn the computer she wanted. I had already said no to the cell phone, so I caved just a little on the computer, with the stipulation that it had to have all kinds of parental blocks on it! Santa brought Luke some trucks, a remote control car, and some hunting cloths. He had asked for (more) trains, but I told Santa we already had enough train tracks and cars to build our own Polar Express!

Stay tuned for Georgia Pics...

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