Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me and Farewell G. Poe!

Yesterday was my birthday. I had the best day, despite the dreary weather. I got to sleep late (quite possibly the best gift ever!), spent the day with my kids, who were on their best behavior (I told them the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a day without sibling bickering!), got my hair done, then Chris and I went to the Macaroni Grill for G. Poe's official farewell bash.Me and G. Poe. She is retiring and moving to Virginia to be with her husband. I will miss her SO much!
Gen and Ken
The ER crew

The kids were so well behaved throughout the evening

The cake....Genelle's famous saying was "Ohhhh My!" She said it over everything. A parent comes to triage with some crazy complaint, G. Poe's response, "Oh my..." Some shocking information is revealed, G. Poe's response, "Oh my..." Her expression will stick around the ER for many years to come.
Our going away gift to her was a scrapbook of all her years in the ER. She loved it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

See, I've Always Known...

....I would be a nurse when I grew up! My grandmother found this picture of me taken circa 1983. I was around 5 years old showing off my nurse costume, rockin' the Florence Nightingale cape. Check out the groovy sofa in the background!

Monday, January 25, 2010

House - O - Sickies!

For the past week I've been living in a house full of sickies.

It all started at 3:00 am Wednesday morning when I was awakened from my blissful dreams by those dreaded words every mom hates to hear, "Maaaaammaaaa, I just threw up and didn't make it to the bathroom." Lovely. I stagger out of bed, making my way to the child who had made the announcement, only to hear the sound of (more) splattering on the hardwood flooring. I make my way to Kaylyn's room and see that she is indeed the child who has gotten sick and is walking as she proceeds to empty her gastric contents, leaving several messes which now have to be cleaned up. Let's stop right here for a moment. Why do kids insist on getting sick one place, walking a few steps, only to get sick again, creating multiple messes? Just drives me up a wall!

The stomach bug that had invaded my house stuck around for two days. Luckily Kaylyn was the only one affected by the bug. Let's move on to Friday morning. Kaylyn is feeling better. I can now return to work. My alarm goes off at 4:45, signaling it's time for me to get out of bed and get ready for work. As I drag myself out of my nice, warm bed, I notice there is not one part of my body that is not aching, my head is pounding, and I have chin-chattering chills. I take a dose of Motrin and make my way to the shower. Surely a hot shower will make me feel better. Wrong. I give myself a self-diagnosis of the the flu. Fan-freakin-tastic! By this time, it's 5:30 and too late for me to call in to work.

I dose myself with all the over-the-counter meds I can find in the cabinet and head to work. I work my shift and come home and go straight to bed, hoping to feel better the next morning. No such luck. It is now Monday night and I finally feel like I can return to the land of the living.

Luke somehow managed to escape contracting either of the bugs that have invaded my home, which is a good thing. However, he has been off-the-hook needy for the past few days. Seriously, every 10 minutes he was knocking on the bedroom door requesting one thing or another. He just couldn't understand that I was trying to keep from breathing on him in hopes of keeping him from getting sick. Chris has been working crazy shifts so we didn't see him but a few minutes here and there all week, so even dad couldn't keep Luke occupied. I've decided, the next time I get sick, everyone has to be sick! We can all be miserable together!

Hopefully all the bugs have left my home and will not return any time soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monster Jams!

CraneWorks was one of the sponsor's for the Monster Jams this past weekend, so Chris was given some passes to this event. Of course Luke was thrilled to be there. It's all he's talked about ALL.WEEK.LONG. He has all of the trucks and LOVES the big monster trucks. Kaylyn was just kinda-sorta excited and just happy to get out of the house after being trapped inside by the frigid cold temperatures. The show turned out pretty good, but COLD and LOUD inside the arena. I guess they had to open the doors and vents in order to let the exhaust fumes and dust out. Anyway, it was cold inside and I was glad I made the kids wear their thermals under their clothes. I, on the other hand, opted to not wear my thermal, but I was warm sitting there with my big coat, boggin, gloves, and Ugg boots!

He was just happy to be there!

Of course the winner was GraveDigger. I don't know the first thing about any of these trucks, but I do know that I hear the name "GraveDigger" all the time, so he must be one of the big names in the Monster truck world!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Big Snow...

This is it?? So the 1-3 inches of snow didn't happen. Somehow that seems a bit unfair since we've had to endure bitter cold temperatures for so long. I a mere inch of snow too much to ask??

I guess I really shouldn't complain too much. I had to work Thursday and Friday (did the picture of the "Emergency" sign give that away?) and if the 1-3 inches of snow had really occurred, there was a good chance I would have been stuck at work, which would not have been fun. My kids sure were disappointed about the lack of snow. I guess we're going to have to travel north in order for them to get to play in the snow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Can FINALLY Post These!!!

Whew! I've been keeping these a secret for a LONG time! Back in September, we decided to have some group pics made for my parent's Christmas present. We had them made at Tannehill by an excellent up-and-coming photographer Lyndsey Cunningham. She did a fantastic job and was so patient with our very large and impatient group! If you are looking for a photographer, check out her blog!

Get ready for photo overload! I couldn't decide which pics to post, so I posted ALL of my favs! Enjoy!

Me and Darling Daughter....Two of a kind!
LOVE this pic!

My two fellas!
Me and the hubby!
The Lil' Rascal!

Another Fav

Camera Hog!

LOVE this one!

Sweet Chloe

A nurse-maid's elbow in the making!
Great family pic
Paul and Candace

This is the one we gave my parents for Christmas
And here's all the collages.....