Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CraneWorks Christmas Party

Yesterday, the kids and I met Chris at the CraneWorks Christmas party. We had the BEST time! There was lots of good food, a live band, Santa Claus came for a visit, jump houses for the kids, and autograph signings by Jay Barker, John Parker Wilson, and Sara Evans. I think the last count of those attending the party was around 2500. It was SO crowded in that warehouse!The kids and Santa Claus

My kids have been branded by CraneWorks!

Luke in the jump house

The kids and John Parker Wilson. He saw me trying to get a good pic of him signing their autographs and offered to bring them around the table to pose for a pic.

Sara Evans sang for about half the party.....

....and then was nice enough to pose for a pic!

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