Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Were Off To A Good Start.....

Well, after the first full week of school we were off to a good start....until today. Luke made it 3 whole days before getting in trouble at school. However, today I guess he decided he would test the waters. He had to sit in the corner for a while today because he pinched another child. He doesn't even know who he pinched, because he doesn't know the other child's name. He said the other child, A.K.A "that boy," pinched him first and they both had to sit in the corner. Soooo, because he got in trouble at school, he was also in trouble when he got home. House rules. Hopefully Luke's, trouble-causing days are over. Since this is probably wishful thinking on my part, next week we'll shoot for 4 days without getting in trouble.

Kaylyn is still doing well in school. The dreaded 3rd grade homework started this week and so far, she's been doing it without a fight. She's decided to make it her job to keep up with Luke's happenings at school, mainly for the sole purpose of getting him in more trouble. She was more than eager to report to me today about Luke's pinching episode and the disciplinary action that followed. We've had a talk about the fact that she is NOT her brother's keeper and I have other methods of finding out whether or not he's had a good day at school.

In other news, I started my LAST semester today. Come on December!

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Jenn said...

What happened to the good old days of summer???