Friday, August 14, 2009

Reports From The First Week of School....

Reports from the first week of school are in. From the 3rd grader of the house: "School's good." Yeah, Kaylyn, don't give up too much information. When asked "What did you do at school today?" The answer is "Worked." Hmmmm.... I'm guessing we're going to have to play 20 questions. She finally gives up some answers when asked direct questions. She's really excited about seeing her friends and is quickly getting back in the groove of the school routine. The dreaded 3rd grade homework starts next week. Ugh! In other news from Kaylyn's world, dance classes officially started back on Tuesday. This year the competition team is really stepping it up. She will have 3 hour dance classes instead of the 2 hour classes she's had for the past 2 years. We will also be going to more competitions this year. So far there are 3 on the schedule; Birmingham, Panama City, and the other is TBA. Looks like we will have a busy Spring!
From the Kindergartner of the house: "I had fun at school today." When asked "what did you do at school today, Luke?" The answer is: "I colored, and cut out my pictures, and glued, and played ball in gym, and we didn't get to go to the playground today, and ate lunch, and snack, and walked in a line, and sang songs, and.....(the list goes on for about 10 minutes.) When asked "Who did you play with/sit by/talk to?" The answer is "That boy and that girl." "What are their names Luke?" "I don't' know." Yeah, we've got to work on those people meeting skills.
Both kids have had a great week. Kaylyn's happy, even though she's not offering up any details and Luke tells every little detail (with the exception of his friend's names!). So far, so good. Fingers crossed the remainder of the year will go as well as the first week.
Check out Luke's picture from the first day of pre-school last year. It was his first time in a new school and he was scared to death.
Holy Moly! What a difference a year makes! This year he was all smiles and just happy to be there. Last year he was one breath away from bursting into tears (he didn't, but in this pic he sure looks like he's fighting tears). I also can't believe how different he looks. Check out how blonde his hair was! I didn't realize how much darker it had gotten until I looked as these pics!

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