Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trouble AGAIN!!

It seems my youngest offspring is having trouble adjusting to the regimen of Kindergarten. Yes, Luke found himself in trouble at school again today. His crime: helping himself to some Fruit Roll-ups in the concession stand. His punishment: a trip to the Principal's office where he received a paddling. This wasn't his first offense of swiping Fruit Roll-ups from the concession stand. This summer he got himself in trouble for the same thing when he was at the school "helping" Pop and Nana get ready for the new school year. Anyway, sticking with the house rules, he was in trouble again at home this evening. He may be stuck in his room until he graduate's high school!


Jenn said...

They give paddlings at their school????

Holy cow, that's awesome.

How's the real estate up there? I think it sounds like a great school!

So, basically you have a little klepto on your hands? :)

Val said...

I'm surprised they popped him so soon....but hey, Brook's likely to get popped soon too. She's already been to the principal's office too, but she's being a bully! which is worse that stealing......oh wait, she's stealing too! she took something from a little girl and put it in the trash. ugh! Do they have nerve pills they hand out to the K parents?