Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet The Teacher!!!

Tonight the kids got to meet their teachers for the year. They were so excited and can't wait for the first day of school, which is tomorrow! (Mom's pretty excited too!)Luke and Ms. Jones. He is SO ready for Kindergarten and is looking forward to making new friends. He really liked his teacher. He said "She's nice and pretty too." He's become quite the little charmer! Tomorrow he will only go for about an hour and then he will either go on Wednesday or Thursday for a full day. This year the school system is staging in the kindergarten classes. Half the class will go on Wednesday and the other half will go on Thursday, then the entire class will go on Friday. We'll find out tomorrow which day Luke will go for the full day. Either way, I'll be missing his first full day because I have to work :(
Kaylyn and Ms. Cain. Kaylyn is in for a bit of a surprise this year. Third grade is the hardest of the the elementary grades because SO much new material is introduced this year. Multiplication, social studies, science, more in-depth reading (along with AR reading), and vocabulary, to name a few. She's a little nervous about all of the new work, but I know once she gets settled in, she'll have the hang of it in no time!

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