Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chloe Update

With all the drama from Luke this week I completely forgot about my intentions for posting an update on Chloe's progress.

Sidenote: No trouble from Luke today! Crossing my fingers for lessons learned.

Now, on to Chloe. She came to stay with me for the day this week. Her speech is coming along excellently. Last month she had her 6 month post-activation evaluation for speech and the results were great. At that time she was at 6-9 months for speech development, which is right on target for her. Since her "hearing birthday" was the day of activation, December 31, hearing-wise she is now 8 1/2 months old. She is still constantly babbling with some words mixed in. She follows direction when told to perform certain task, such as "Chloe pick up your toys and put them in the box." She understands what we tell her, which means her speech will continue to develop and she will soon catch up to her developmental age. She is also repeating phrases and saying 2 word phrases. The other day when we got home, Crimson was there to greet us. She was very excited to see my monster-dog. The next thing that came out of her mouth "Hey Kwinson." Pretty darn close, if you ask me! She has also learned to say "thank you," or her version "thank-ye" and "Uh-ooohhhh." Other words in her vocabulary are:

Daisy (her dog)
Kay-Kay (Kaylyn)
side (outside)
up and down
finish (new word as of today)
and every almost-two-year-old's favorite word: No

She has also developed a full-blown two year old temper. Unfortunately, Tuesday I got a taste of her little temper. She was waaayyy past-due for a nap and had gotten fussy. There was no distracting her or making her happy. I decided it was nap-time, she had other plans. As soon as I took her processors off and gave her a paci, ohmygoodness, the drama. She tried to put her processors back on, the paci went flying, she thrashed, and screamed, and head-butted me right in the nose. It was a battle of wills - She meant she was NOT going to take a nap, and I meant she WAS going to take a nap. I eventually won, but not without battle wounds from my fight with the little wild-cat!

Sorry, no new pics of her. My camera battery died :(

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All great news!