Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is this????

I forgot about this picture on my other posts. Would anyone care to
guess what this stuff is??? It's soap! It's in every public restroom on the island. Its made of sea salt and liquid soap. Very strange, but very exfoliating!

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Jenn said...

Nurse Nicole,
Would you like to help me understand exactly where on the sanitary scale of life that falls?

I once had a guy tell me that people spit in the soap dispensers sitting around in public restrooms. I hope he is proud of himself. All these years later and that is the first thing that I think of each and every single time a Dial or Softsoap container is just sitting on a random public restroom counter.

Granted, I'm sure the seasalt is used to remove the dead, decaying or just plain disgusting fish and crab smell from hands after days spent at the beach, but...

I'm sure it leaves your hands feeling fabulous regardless!