Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 3: Back to the Beach and to the Docks!

On our third day we decided to venture back to the beach. We stayed there the for the majority of the day, then decided to go to dinner at The Black Marlin in Palmetto Bay before heading to the fireworks show in Shelter Cover. Whew! It was a packed day that day! (Really it wasn't, but it sure does sound like we did a lot of traveling)

Align CenterCan you guess what he is looking for???

While Luke was on the hunt, Kaylyn made a friend and they decided to dig a hot tub on the beach......who knows????

Still searching......

And the answer is.....

.....Sand Dollars! They were EVERYWHERE! I've never seen LIVE Sand Dollars! They are actually kind of creepy. They have millions of little legs on the bottom, which make them stick to everything and allow them to bury themselves in the sand. They also turn your hands bright yellow! (I can only imagine what the yellow stuff is...)

Luke and his Sand Dollars. He was fascinated by them.

After our day on the beach we drove to the other end of the island for dinner in Palmetto Bay.

Silly Boys!

Me and Darling Daughter

Sittin' by the dock of the bay....

Checking out some boats after dinner

Kind of looks like the Jenny

Kaylyn and her glowing earrings. Getting ready to watch the fireworks show at Shelter Cove

Luke Chilton or Luke Skywalker???

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