Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 5

On our 5th day it was supposed to storm (thankfully it never did). We decided to fore go the beach for the day, due to the impending storms. So instead of the beach, the kids wanted to go back to Harbour Town for some more crab fishing! They had just as much fun as the day before. They just couldn't get enough of it! It think they are now ready to for The Deadliest Catch!

Assuming the position

Chris got brave and started catching them bare-handed....luckily he made it home

with all 10 fingers.

This guy decided he wasn't going down without a fight. I'm telling ya, these crabs are mean little boogers! On this day, there was a man and his daughter fishing beside us who were keeping their crabs to cook for dinner that night. Instead of throwing our crabs back, we donated them to their dinner.

After crab fishing, we walked around Harbour Town and did a little souvenir shopping.

Luke picked out a hat and a shirt.

Kaylyn picked out a shark tooth necklace and a shirt.

We also stumbled upon a play area with a huge "Forrest Gump" tree.

The kids had a blast playing on it.

I guess Kaylyn decided the tree limb would make a good hammock!

Of course I had to get one of "these" shots

Chillin' in the swing.

Later that night we went back to Harbour Town for dinner. Guess what they found....another Forrest Gump tree!

And I found THIS! These boaters had just docked to eat and shop.

I decided boating might not be so bad after all!

Sunset over the bay.

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Jenn said...

I want to go! Wow, it just looks fabulous!