Friday, December 19, 2008

Ghosts Wonderful Memories of Christmas Pasts

2001 - Kaylyn and her Nana on her first Christmas Eve. She was 10 months old and starting to take her first steps.
2002 - Kaylyn was 22 months old and all about opening Christmas presents. Christmas 2002 also introduced the Fred Flinstone car that is still being driven by little feet around our house. This was a gift from Granny and Papa, but Paul actually carried the car in and gave it to her so she thought it was a gift from Paul. There was no convincing her otherwise and to this day she still thinks Paul gave her that car.
2003 - almost 3 years old. Doesn't she look scared to death? She never cried though, in fact, neither of my children have ever cried over a visit to Santa. We also found out just before this Christmas that Kaylyn would be a big sister. Yes, Luke was but a tiny speck, but well on his way.
2004 - Luke's first Christmas, he was 5 months old. Kaylyn was almost 4 year's old.
2005 - The kids with Granny and Papa. Kaylyn was almost 5 and Luke was 17 months old. This was the Christmas that my cousin Josh thought it would be a good idea to give my 17 month old son a drink of his "special" orange juice (I thought it was plain orange juice), which Luke loved and kept coming back for more, so Josh just kept giving it to him. Needless to say, Luke thoroughly enjoyed himself at the Kacharos family get-together that year.
2006 - Kaylyn was almost 6 years old. This is Kaylyn checking out the Lee Middleton dolls Santa had brought her that year.
Luke was 2 years old, and thus began his obsession with trains. Santa brought him a train table that year which he spent hours upon hours playing many hours that the table eventually broke because he insisted on sitting on the table while he played. He still enjoys playing with his train set. Notice he was still hooked on his pappy. We finally convinced him that big boys did not need pappy's just after Christmas that year.
2007 - Kaylyn was almost 7 years old and Luke was 3 years old. This pic was taken at one of the family get-togethers and they were being so well-behaved. Of course I had told them before we arrived that Santa was still watching them so they were probably afraid to make a peep!

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Misi said...

Aww!!! Love the re-cap. Thanks for sharing. Your kiddie's are too cute for words!!!