Saturday, December 13, 2008

He's At It Again...

The Christmas that Luke was 2 1/2 years old he was very in to keeping things organized. He stacked all of his blocks by color and size, he kept all of his cars in a straight line grouped by color and size (and a complete melt-down would befall us if we even thought of moving one of them), he was the most OCD two year old around. So naturally that year he kept my Christmas tree well organized as well. I would let him arrange the ornaments how he wanted, (because Heaven forbid anything be disorderly) then when he wasn't looking I put the ornaments back in their original place. Of course being the observant toddler that he was, the disarray didn't last long. The phase passed and last year, there was no organizing of the Christmas ornaments. This year when I let the kids hang the ornaments this is what he did:
I guess his organizational phase just took a little break. Now if he could only put it to good cleaning his room!
P.S. Can you spot the master photographer?

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