Friday, December 19, 2008

Luke's Christmas Play

I'm a few days late posting this. On Wednesday Luke had his school Christmas play. He was an angel, and was NOT happy. He didn't want to wear the angel costume and voiced his opinion of it to anyone who would listen. (I think he thought they were making him wear a dress.) I thought maybe the role of the donkey would have been more appropriate for Luke's stubborn personality! I can't imagine who he gets his stubborness from :) He did very well though and said his line perfectly...."We bring you good tidings of great joy." Can you see how thrilled he was to be wearing his angel costume? His part was first and then he was to sit in his chair with the rest of the group while all the other children said their parts. This was the look he had on his face through the entire play.
Yep....still wearing that same face at the end of the play....never changed, not one time.

Ready to get this costume off!

Of course there was a visit from Santa.

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