Sunday, September 14, 2008

P.C. 2008

Oooohhhh, the stories I have to tell.... This weekend was our annual ER beach trip to P.C. This trip was by far the best trip we've every had. We had sooooo much fun. I've never laughed so hard in my life!!! This trip involved an illegal animal at the condo, dance team lessons on the beach, and to top it off....a cannon-ball into a hot tub full of people we didn't know! Okay, let me explain...It started Thursday night when Sara's dog-sitter backed out on her. Her dog Snickers is a 2lb yorkie, who is totally her baby. He can't stay with just anyone and is too small to be boarded. Sara wasn't going to go because she didn't have a sitter for the dog, but we convinced her to just bring him with her. Our condo has a "no pet" policy, but it's a 2lb dog, on a hurricane weekend in September, we knew there wouldn't be anyone there to tell. Snickers behaved perfectly. He got so much attention, I'm sure he's spoiled rotten now. When we left the condo, he stayed on the balcony in his playpen, which BTW is a REAL pack-n-play, for a real baby. So we ALL got to go on the trip. Next came the dance team lessons. Staci and Miranda had fun reminiscing about all their glory days as a cheerleader/dance team in high school. They were showing off some of their moves. They've still got it too!!! Staci can get some real air! I've been sworn to never post those pics on the blog, so there will be no pics of their dance moves. But, for a small fee.....(just kidding) Okay, I know everyone wants to know about the cannon-ball in the hot tub. Here goes....We went to the hot tub last night, but it was full of people. After about an hour, those people still hadn't moved, the wind was blowing and it was kind of cool. We were about to go back to the room, when someone jokingly said, "Hey Joy, I dare you to do a cannon-ball in the middle of the hot tub!" The next thing I know, there goes Joy, running as fast as she can, yelling "Cannon-Ballllll!!!!!" and yes, she does and actual cannon-ball in the middle of the hot tub, soaking all the people sitting around it. We all just sat there in amazement. Lesson learned....Don't "dare" Joy to do anything, because she will do it, no matter how stupid the dare is. Joy definitely gets the "Miss P.C. 2008" title this year. She kept us fully entertained all weekend. She's such a nut! You just gotta love her! Oh well, the weekend is over and tomorrow it's back to work.

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Jenn said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!!! It's always nice to have a little dirt on your friends...keeps you close! :)