Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Baseball Glove

Luke got his very first baseball glove yesterday. He is so proud of it. Since he will be starting T-ball in the Spring, which is actually February or March, we decided to go ahead and get him a glove. We didn't want the first time he put on a glove to be at his first T-ball practice. He had a "play" glove with velcro in it, but it didn't take him long to learn that it wasn't the real thing. He's been asking for a "big boy" baseball glove for a while and that he has it, he hasn't let it out of his sight!


Jenn said...

Man, oh man, I can't wait for those pictures! He's gonna do great!

Mandy said...

fun, fun! Good luck with t-ball. He is a cutie pie! Love and miss ya, tmandy

Mandy said...

p.s. Tell Kam Foo I said hello! I haven't talked to him in forever.