Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Now???

So what has been going on since my last update? Chris is STILL in the hospital, that's what! Long story short, his cultures were all negative, which we knew they would probably be negative since he was afebrile and his head and neck pain were somewhat better.

However, his head and neck pain were still pretty bad until late last night, when they were down to a dull ache and we decided he could come home this morning. When his doctor saw him this morning, Chris was in great spirits and pain-free and more than ready to come home. This discharge orders were written, his IV had been pulled and I was on my way to get him. BUT when he stood up and started moving around, his headache returned with a vengence and he started with some major vomiting. He said it felt like a vice squeezing his head. So, back to bed he went, the doctor was paged, his IV was replaced. He had a spinal headache and had to have a blood patch to give him some relief. After some, Ahem, persuasion on my part, we were able to get the blood patch today. Luckily anestesia was in-house for another surgery so they were able to get his blood patch done this afternoon.

His head feels much better, but he still has some pressure when he stands up and is now having a lot of pressure in his lower back. Most likely the back pain is from the blood that was infused there but they wanted to keep him again for the night to make sure.

He is SO ready to get home, but would rather stay put until they know sure what is going on with his back. We sure don't want to have to come home only to turn around and go back.

Hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

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