Monday, August 2, 2010

Anything Else???

So Chris' spinal headache from yesterday returned this morning so he didn't get to come home today. We waited the majority of the day for an anesthesia consult to see about getting his headache resolved.

The anesthesiologist didn't think today's headache was a spinal headache since it was never completely resolved when he was lying flat. It was, however, much improved when he was lying flat and excruciating when he was standing. This anesthesiologist thought today's headache was occipital neuritis caused by the meningitis. He decided to do an occipital block this afternoon to help with the occipital neuritis. Even if today's headache was a spinal headache, Chris can't have another blood patch for another 48 hours.

Are you bum-fuzzled yet?? Cause I sure am!

Anyway, after the occipital block, Chris can't feel his head, so if he still has a headache, he doesn't know it.

We'll see how he feels in the morning. If he's better, then he can come home. If not, then we'll discuss our options.

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