Friday, July 30, 2010


Chris still doesn't feel much better. Still with a lot of neck and back pain and headache. His fever returned last night, but no fever so far today.

His labs still look viral and his white blood count is down, only slightly elevated now. The ultrasound on his leg was normal, but he's still having a lot of pain in his left calf. No one can explain this pain, but it doesn't appear to be anything bad.

They changed his antibiotics and his pain meds last night and so far no more allergic reactions.

We're still waiting on the final results of his cultures, which should be back tomorrow to give him the definite diagnosis of viral meningitis versus bacterial meningitis. At this point, it's very unlikely the cultures would grow bacteria, but he still has to be on isolation until the final results are in.

He's just hanging out waiting on the headache, fever, and neck pain to play themselves out so he can go home.

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