Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayers Needed

I'm exhausted, so I'll get right to the point of this post.

Chris is in the hospital. He has meningitis, most likely it's viral meningitis, but we're waiting on cultures to come back.

He feels rotten, having lots of neck and back pain and a killer headache. He's on strong antibiotics, so in the event the cultures were to come back as bacterial meningitis, we're ahead on treating it.

He's also on some strong pain meds for his headache and neck/back pain, which only dull the pain. He had an allergic reaction to one of his medications tonight, most likely the pain med, so they changed it. Hopefully, the itching will stop now.

Another concern is some pretty significant pain to his left calf, which he's had since Monday. No one is sure why he has this pain, but it hurts with even the lightest touch. They did an ultrasound this evening to rule out a DVT.

That is where we stand now...waiting on result of cultures, waiting on his neck/back pain and headache to resolve, waiting on ultrasound results, and a change in his pain meds.

Please pray for the cultures to be negative, for his pain to be resolved, and for the ultrasound to be negative so he can come home, hopefully Saturday.

Also, please remember Kaylyn and Luke. They just don't understand why they can't go see him. He's on isolation precautions and they should not be around him until we know for sure he's not contagious. Luckily, they did not see him at all yesterday. Also, Luke's birthday is tomorrow and he's pretty bummed about not getting to see his daddy on his birthday. I know, it's a "small" issue in the grand scheme of things, but to a 6 year old little boy, it's a huge deal.

I'll keep you posted and give a more detailed account of the events of yesterday after I've had some sleep....the non-consecutive 2 hours of sleep I've had since 4:30 yesterday just aren't enough for my brain to function right now!

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Jenn said...

Praying for you guys!!!!!