Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2

After the eventful day from the first day of our vacation, we were ready for a calm day on day 2. We ate breakfast at one of the 300 pancake houses in Gatlinburg and spent the morning and after noon around town and at Ober Gatlinburg.
Still amazed by all those rocks!

Trying to catch one of the baby trout...with their hands. For some reason they were not able to catch a fish on this morning...but they sure did try hard.

Riding the ski lift to the top of the mountain at Ober Gatlinburg to ride the alpine slides down the mountain, which totally rocked! Loved the alpine slides, not so fond of the ski lift.

Kaylyn was not so sure of the ski lift either. We were all a little nervous about being carried up the mountain on a small chair attached to a thin cable with the only thing holding us in the chair being a bar across our laps. I could just see one of us slipping between the chair and the bar and falling out of the sky.

Riding the alpine slide.

Riding the rapids
The kids loved these rides.
Stay tuned for more pics....

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Jenn said...

I HATE the ski lift! The rest looks like great fun!