Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SO Not Fair!!!

It's just not fair that my offspring got to take a trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago...while I stayed home to work! They went with Nana and Pop and Paul, Candace, and Chloe. So, yes, my ENTIRE family was at the beach having fun....while I stayed home to work! They had a blast and got to play on the beach for two of their three days. On the third day a storm came and blew all the tar balls on the beach. Here are a few pics Candace sent me.
Enjoying some time in the ocean, pre-tar balls

Chloe's getting to be such a big girl! They said she really had a fun time playing on the beach.

And then there's this picture...Oh, what do I say about this one??? I died laughing when I saw this one. It is quiet hilarious! You have Chloe looking like Aunt Jemima in...I'm not exactly sure what kind of hat that is, Luke who's built like a string bean, and Miss Thang who looks like she's got a future as the cover girl for the Sport's Illustrated Swim Suit Edition! What a crew!

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