Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Day!

This past week, the kids had May Day at school. It's a fun day for the kids with rides, jump houses, slides, face painting, hair painting, and games. I was able to go and help out with Luke's class by being a parent escort. Luckily there were lots of parents helping so I was only responsible for keeping up with Luke and his buddy Payton. I say "luckily" because there were hundreds of kids who had gone WILD! Seriously, the doors opened and it was a stampede of screaming kids who were ready for a fun day at school. Chloe also got to tag along with us for part of the day. Because I was being drug from place to place by Luke and Payton, while either holding Chloe on my hip or dragging her by the hand behind them, I didn't get to see Kaylyn too often. She was busy with her friends and too cool to hang out with Mom and those baby Kindergartners! I did manage to get a few quick pictures of her though, but then she was off to the next adventure!
Sweet picture of Chloe and her buddy waiting to go outside to all the fun

She decided she needed to hold both of his hands
Luke waiting to ride the airplanes
Kaylyn and buddy of the 3 times I saw her all day...

Luke and his friend Shayna in the planes

Chloe and buddy Payton (Not Luke's buddy Payton) in the planes. She LOVED this ride. We had to ride it several times!

Of course we just had to do the hair painting. He kind of resembles Ronald McDonald. Yes, he still has pink hair!

Chloe was not to be outdone. She had to have her hair painted as well.

Taking a break from the heat

The next time I saw Kaylyn she had purple hair!

Luke's favorite ride was this Velcro thing. He loved jumping against the wall and sticking, then he decided to climb!
Then the guy threw him way up and held him on the wall. Luke loved it!

Here's the third time I saw Darling Daughter.

Luke and Payton going down the giant inflatable slide.

Another big hit of the day was this pumping, spinning thing. The faster they pumped the bars, the faster they spun around. They had it flying before it was over. I don't know how they didn't get sick!

The End!

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