Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Decision Made

We have finally come to a decision about our Summer vacation. Originally we had decided to go to the beach for a few days, but just after I found and reserved a condo for the days we wanted to go to the beach, the big oil spill in the gulf occurred. When days and weeks went by with thousands of barrels of oil pumping into the gulf everyday, we decided it might be wise to look into other options for our vacation. We decided on a white water rafting trip if it looked like we would be unable to go to the beach in July.

Although it is still very likely our beaches will be spared any major damage from the oil spill, the threat is still there and I need some concrete plans in place. Beach or rafting...that is the question. The answer came the other night over some Chinese food, of all things! We were eating dinner, discussing which trip we would take....should we take our chances with the beach, or should we go rafting??? In the middle of this conversation, Kaylyn opened her fortune cookie and it read "Boats and water are in your future. Have fun." No lie!!! White water rafting it is!

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