Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dance Magic Competition

On Saturday we had the big competition, which was, after all, the reason for our trip. The girls danced very well. In fact, they danced much better than the week before, but scored lower at this competition. The judges were very strict and there weren't but a handful of "Platinum" awards given. They had fun anyway because they got to dance at the beach! Bright and early Saturday morning, ready to dance!

"Freakazoid" received an "Elite Silver" ranking, which is not great. You either want an Elite Gold or a Platinum ranking in order to receive and overall award.

On to the second dance, "Proud Mary," SEVERAL hours later. The thrill of dancing on the beach is gone, because you can't play on the beach while waiting all those hours!

This dance received a "gold" ranking.

FINALLY time for the last dance of the day!

The chaos of getting 50 dancers of various ages lined up and in their correct groups!

"You Know You Want Me" also received a gold ranking.

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Anonymous said...

Where oh where has my little girl gone? Nicole the picture in green; she looks like a grown up girl. Love all the beach pictures. Tricia