Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thursday night, after spending a few hours on the beach we went to eat at Hammerhead Fred's.
After Kaylyn devoured 3 entire clusters of crab legs BY HERSELF, we went to Pier Park to walk around.

*Side Note* We had only ordered Kaylyn 1 cluster of crab claws as a side item to one of our meals, but when our meal came the waitress had a surprise for her and there were 3 clusters on her plate. You would have thought Kaylyn had found gold!

Okay, back to the point of this post. While we were walking around Pier Park we came across this Super Jump thing. After watching several other children and one grown man jump, (and live to tell about it) I decided the bungees would hold my 40 and 50 pound children just fine and allowed them to take a turn jumping. The kids loved it! They jumped and flipped over and over.
Getting all strapped in! "Hey Mister, be sure those are extra tight....No cracks in your bungees....Okay, you're ready to go!"

My little acrobat! He loved flipping!

This one.....Notsomuch! I couldn't believe my little daredevil was afraid to flip. She had fun jumping though!

And he continued to flip!

And she was content to just jump REALLY high!

Here was an attempt at a flip, but she chickened out before she could complete the flip!

And here's another attempt

More pics to come


Jenn said...

I need a barf bag...ugh...I just can't look at it! How do kids do that???

Val said...

would horrify me, lol, my feet must remain grounded