Sunday, June 7, 2009

World Tour 2009

Yesterday we had Kaylyn's dance recital. It was at the BJCC again this year and all the girls had a great time. The title this year was World Tour 2009. They danced their way through 2 shows and are exhausted. This year was their first year to have 3 songs in the recital. There were 2 recitals yesterday, which means a total of 6 dances and costume changes. Kaylyn was asleep in the car before we were half-way home last night! We're all glad for summer break and will be excited to return in the fall.
Kaylyn and Abby just before showtime So I attempted to video her dances with my camera. They are not the best in the world, but you can see what she's been working on all year. The first two songs were the one's they competed with. The last one was added after the competition. I missed a few seconds of the first song because of camera/operator malfunction, but I did get Kaylyn's part. Warning: You may need a dose of Dramamine before watching these videos!

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