Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're Still Here

Yes....still here... We will be here another night, but hopefully will come home in the morning. The test now will be to see if she can tolerate her antibiotics by mouth. If she can't tolerate them, we can't go home. The big trial will take place at 8:00 tonight. Honestly, we're both ready to blow this pop-stand, but I'm not comfortable taking her home until I know for sure she will be able to tolerate the antibiotics at home. They won't do her much good if she can't hold them down and we would be back in here in a few days. She's GOT to have 10 days of ifs, ands, or buts. A major reason the 10 days of antibiotics are a must (aside from the fact that the abscess could reoccur) is that the area of infection was directly on top of her bone. This means there is a risk for osteomylitis, which is a bone infection and a major pain in the rear. Very difficult to get rid of and involves long term IV antibiotics, so we definitely don't want that!

Kaylyn has done great since coming out of surgery. She had some pain and itching from the anesthesia, but a dose of Tylenol #3 and Benadryl cured those problems. She has been eating like a cow!! Since she got back to her room she has eaten: An ENTIRE Big Mac Meal (I"m talking not ONE crumb left behind), 2 bowls of soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and fries, 3 popsicles, and onion rings. It's really quiet comical to watch this skinny little child devour all of this food! I think she may be full now. She's asleep now and I'm enjoying the peace getting ready to settle in for another night at Hotel de Children's.


Val said...

bless her heart, she deserves a new toy of her choice for all this! Can daddy run to walmart, aunt, someone please? lol

Jenn said...

A girl after my own appetite! I hope tomorrow will bring brighter news!