Friday, April 24, 2009

The Next ShowStopper!

Chloe came to stay with me today. I decided to have a little fun and play dress-up with her. I found Kaylyn's first TuTu from her very first dance recital. She was so proud of herself in her pretty pink TuTu.

Choe is doing well with her speech therapy. Her mappings are going well. Everytime I see her, she is making more sounds and attempting to say more words. We were riding in the car, and she kept saying "Ma", "Ma", over and over. I told her "Mama went bye-bye." (not really sure if she was saying "mama" or just working on the "M" sound) She responded with a "Ma, Ba." In other words she was repeating what I had told her! She was also playing with Kaylyn's old tea set while we were visiting Granny today. She had a plastic fork (part of the tea set, safe for her to play with) eating her pretend food. Everytime she brought the fork to her mouth she would say "Ma." I asked her to point to her mouth and she did it, saying "Ma"!!! She's following commands well. She will point to objects when you ask her about them. She will grab her purse and start waving when you ask her if she wants to go "Bye-bye." She has made so much progress since her activation on December 31, just 4 1/2 months ago. I tried to get some video of her, but everytime I would start to video, she would stop doing whatever I was trying to video and just stare at me. I have about 42 ten second clips of her standing there, not making a sound. As soon as the video camera was put away, she would immediately start babbling. Stubborn child!

Just a ballerina and her trucks (and tools to fix the trucks).


Val said...

oh, I love it. I hope I see that little muffin at the zoo! Tell them to find me if they go, I'll be at the little hospitality area from 2-3!

Misi said...

Oh I love the contrast of the "girly girl" playing w/ the trucks and toys! You capture such great moments girl:-)