Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke's Class Easter Party and Egg Hunt....

....well, the egg hunt part of it anyway. Today, Luke's class was supposed to have their Easter party and egg hunt, but with the threat of tornados this afternoon, school was dismissed at 1:00. With the party scheduled for 12:00, they just did the egg hunt and sent the snacks home with the kids. The kids didn't seem to mind, they had so much fun finding all the eggs. Chloe came to stay with me today, so she got in on the action too.
Luke and all of his eggs. Luke has now decided that he will no longer be eating eggs. When I asked him why he had made this decision, since eggs are a fav of his, he replied "There's baby chicks in there." There's no convincing him that the eggs that we buy at the store and cook and eat at home will no longer hatch baby chicks. The other day he and Granny were dying easter eggs and one of the eggs had cracked while it was boiling. When he saw the crack in the shell, he wanted to know if the baby chick was hatching.

I love this pic of Luke and Garrett hiding on the slide checking out their loot. They thought they were being so sly.
Tomorrow we have another busy day planned. In the morning we have an Easter egg hunt, then Luke has 2, yes TWO, ball games in the afternoon. After the games, we're off to my parents house for Easter dinner. Whew! I'm tired already!

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Misi said...

Aw I'm so sad because I had to work today(the day of the egg hunt at our church). This is the first time I have missed it w/ the kids.
Glad you guys had fun.
And Happy Easter friend!!!!