Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crimson's New Game

You know you've been neglecting your "other children" when they are so desperate for some playtime, they teach themselves new games. We've been so busy lately with Luke's T-Ball season starting and Kaylyn's dance competition quickly approaching. We are at someone's practice EVERYDAY and we usually don't make it home until after dark, just in time to feed the kids a quick meal and throw them in the shower, then it's off to bed. Poor Crimson has missed her usual daily playtime with the kids. She's gotten so bored, she's learned how to play fetch by herself! The other night, at 1:30 am, I hear the sound of something tumbling down the wooden steps on the deck outside my bedroom. I know Crimson is up to something because that's where she sleeps. I actually thought the crazy dog might have fallen down the steps. In a few minutes I hear the same sounds, "Plomp-Plomp-Plomp- Plomp, Plomp." Then I hear Crimson trot down the stairs, then up again. A few seconds later, the same sounds. After about the third time I hear this, I decide to see what she's up to. She has one of Luke's baseballs, rolling it down the steps, retrieving it, and repeating this over and over. Poor baby, didn't have anyone to throw the ball for her, so she had to throw it for herself!
Speaking of Crimson, can you believe she was ever this small?? My little 4 pound puppy, now weighes in at around 70 pounds!

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Jenn said...

Bless her heart! Poor baby needs more loving. :(