Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Luke's First Day of School

Luke started his first day in the Valley Inclusive Program today. He was so excited to be going to his Sissy's school. This is all he's talked about all summer and really since last Spring. I have been telling him he would get to go to Sissy's school when he turned 4, so of course last week after his birthday he was ready to go right then. The day has FINALLY arrived and he was up bright and early this morning. He was excited to go right up until the minute we walked in the door, then this look of fear suddenly came over his face. He did good even though he was very nervous. There were no tears, but he just stood there looking around the room and wasn't really interested in playing with any of the other kids or toys. After a few minutes of coaxing from his teacher he finally started playing with a group of kids. Typical Luke. He's a little more cautious in new situations. He starts out shy, but then as soon as he's warmed up to the idea, he's ready to go. I'll post a report later today to let everyone know how he did.
Showing off his new frog snack bag
A little nervous
He finally decided he would play

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