Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Ready For School

Tonight we had the kid's parent-teacher orientation for school. The kids got to meet their teachers for the year and they are so excited to be starting school. Luke was a little nervous and shy at first, but then he warmed up once he saw all the cool toys he would have to play with in his classroom. Ms. Carla got him hook, line, and sinker when she told him she had lots of puzzles for him to play with. Kaylyn is excited about starting second grade and was glad to see her friends. Kaylyn's school will start on Friday, Luke's doesn't start until next Tuesday. As you can tell from the pictures, Luke wasn't in a picture taking mood.
I also took Luke for his check-up today. He has been so worried about this appointment for the past few days. He was worried about having to get a shot, I bet I've told him 100 times there would be no shots today. But.....leave it to the nurse's kid to act totally ridiculous at the doctor's office. First, when they called his name he ran....right into a window. (I think he was blinded by fear and thought it was a door!) I had to drag him through the door, with him kicking and screaming and grabbing the door frame, I had to pry his fingers from the door. Then, he screamed and cried all through his weight and vital check. Finally, they totally insulted him by making him wear a gown....How dare they! Needless to say, if the floor could have opened up and swallowed me right then and there, I would have gladly jumped right in!
He has grown a lot in the past year. He now weighs 34 pounds and is 39 inches tall. He has gained 5 pound and grown 2 inches in the past year.

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Val said...

We too are excited about school.(starts Monday) My little guy will be in second grade...he's finally 42 lbs! Second grade is gonna be tough being the little kid but we'll make it.