Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Party Time!!!!

This afternoon we had Luke's birthday party at his favorite restaurant McDonald's. (Is there any other place when you're 4?) This year he was old enough to really take part in the planning of his party. He said he wanted a "blue" cake with candles on it. When I took him to pick out his cake, he picked Nemo. I tried to talk him into having his party somewhere else, but he was stuck on McDonald's. It's a good thing we didn't have it at the park (where I wanted to have it) because just before the party was supposed to start, this awful storm blew up, complete with straight line winds, lightening, and hail. I seriously thought we were in the middle of a tornado! The storm passed and all was well. Luke had a great time playing with all of his friends and cousins. We had a total of 14 kids, who by the time they left were full of cake and ice cream were all on a sugar high!

I accidentally bought trick candles! He blew them out about 4 times!

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The Covin's said...

Cute cake! Happy 4th Birthday Luke!