Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I know...It's been a while...

Okay....I know I've been a bad blogger lately. The summer has started off very busy. School is hectic and very time consuming. I spend just about all of my off days and every night reading text books and sitting in front of the computer reading power-points. It's a good thing I like to read, although I can think of much more interesting stuff I'd like to be reading than Patho. Anyway, I'm weeding my way through it. I do like my Transition into Nursing class (I thought I did this 9 years ago, but whatever). It's pretty interesting, but has a lot of research I have to do. I spend a lot of time on Google. Oh well, 1/2 semester down....31/2 more to go!

Chris is puting hardwood flooring in my sunken den area, the only area in the house that didn't have hardwoods when we bought it. This has been an on-going project. First, he somehow didn't measure right, so he didn't buy enough wood and extra had to be ordered; we've been waiting for the past 2 weeks for it to get here. It finally came in last night, so he should finish that project by this weekend. My house has been turned upside down for the past 3 weeks and I'm ready for it to be back to normal. Still chaotic, but at least everything will be back where it belongs!

The kids are great. Luke is finally over his illness and has returned to his same old self again. He can't wait until August when he can go to "sissy's school." He will be going through the inclusive program at the Kaylyn's school (also my parent's school). Kaylyn went through this same program when she was his age and did great. She was well prepared for kindergarten when the time came. I can't believe he is old enough to be in big school. He will be turning 4 in July...can you believe that? My, how does the time fly so quickly? Anyway, he's pretty excited, but doesn't seem to understand that his best friend Hunter won't be coming to "sissy's school" with him....not sure how that transition will go.

Kaylyn is her usual perky self. She's in VBS this week and having a great time. Her dance recital is this Saturday at the BJCC. I think she and I both are ready for a break. Once the recital is over, no more dance until school starts back. Yeah!!

As far as our summer plans go, not much to speak of this year. Honestly, right now, we're just too busy. We will go to the beach in July for a few days, that will satisfy the kids. I also bought us some season passes to Alabama Adventure, so we'll probably be going there at least every couple of weeks.

Chloe will have her first visit to the speech clinic tomorrow and will get her hearing aids in a couple of weeks. She had the molds of her ears made last week, so when the molds come in, they will put her in hearing aids. Please continue to pray the hearing aids will work for her. She is growing so fast and changes every time I see her. She is such a happy baby, she just smiles and laughs all the time.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'll have some pics to put on here soon. I really just haven't been taking many pics lately, nothing happening to take pic of.....

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