Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally Feeling Better

Luke has been one sick little boy for the past week. Now, finally after a week of temps of 104, a positive strep test, 2 shots of antibiotics, a trip to the ER, a head CT, and almost getting a spinal tap he's starting to feel better. Yes, I said we made a trip to the ER. I took him back to the doctor for the third time on Thursday. She was worried because his strep throat didn't seem to be responding to the antibiotics. He was also complaining of a headache and light hurting his eyes, so with all of this plus him still having temps of 104 for 6 days, she was worried about the possibility of meningitis. When we got to the ER he still wasn't feeling any better and was VERY irritable. Dr. Sorrentino (one of my fav's) saw him and was worried about his headache (3 yr olds typically don't have headaches) and decided to get a head CT to rule out any badness happening in his head. She also talked about doing a spinal tap, but I decided to wait and see if his CBC looked viral or bacterial. If viral, we would not do a spinal tap, because even if he had viral meningitis, there's nothing to do for it. Anyway, when we got back from CT, Rita, or angel with the toys, came to our room and offered him some toys....this miraculously cured him. He started laughing and playing, so there was definitely no need for a spinal tap at this point. His labs came back normal and his head CT was normal. All is good. He's been 24 hours now with no fever and is feeling much better, well enough to aggravate his sister all day. Hopefully the strep throat and fever is gone for good.



i'm so sorry he has been feeling bad and had to go through all that stuff, but i'm glad he's feeling better! i know you are too, i hate to see them sick!

Mandy said...

So glad that sweet boy is better. I bet you were scared to death. Thanks for the congrats!! I'm pumped about it. I plan on getting married in March 2009. I'm thinking March 21, b/c it's the first day of Spring. We plan on moving back or atleast closest to Bham the first of 2009. I'm ready. Miss you, and hope all is well. Tell Tricia I'm going to call her on ya'll work week.

Love ya,