Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Couldn't Forget My Other Baby!

Crimson has gotton so big in the past few weeks. She's so funny... all legs and very clumsy! She's the most loving dog I've ever had; she just wants to be near me all the time and sits under my feet constantly. She thinks she's a lap-dog and I keep telling her she's going to get to big to sit in my lap. So far we're doing good with the whole puppy chewing phase. I've caught her a few times chewing on something that's not hers, I fussed at her and gave her the dog toys and she doesn't touch whatever got her in trouble again. Pretty smart!

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he is sooo cute!! dallas thinks that he is a lap-dog too and he is so big now! i have a feeling this will not change either. he likes his lovin'!