Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I took these pics last week when Chloe was staying with me. Since her mom and dad are a little behind on starting her a blog (HINT, HINT), I decided to post these myself. She's growing so fast; she is 3/12 months old now and at such a fun age. She's smiles all the time now and only cries when she's hungry or needs to be changed. I usually keep her one or two days a week when I'm not working and we have so much fun. It's a good thing she's a good baby, because she get's to go on all my weekly errands with me, she gets drug from place to place and usually sleeps the whole time. I had forgotten how hard it is to take a baby shopping, and how much stuff you have to drag along with you....I'm being "re-educated!"
Check out the hand coodination
She's found her feet
Lovin' the frog toy (Wonder who she gets that from?)

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