Sunday, March 30, 2008

First time on "real" roller skates....

This afternoon Kaylyn went to her friend Isabella's birthday party, which was a skating party. This was Kaylyn's first time to be on "real" roller skates. She soon found out they are a little different from her Little Tykes roller blades she's been skating around the driveway in. Let's just say she spent most of her time picking herself up off the ground! I laughed until I was crying. That little girl must have one tough bottom because she would fall and get right back up and skate a few feet and then fall again. This went on for 2 hours! I have to admit, I spent 2 hours gasping everytime she would fall. The ER nurse in me could just see her getting up missing her front teeth or with a broken arm. I can't help it... I've seen these injuries too many times over the past 9 years! Oh well, Kaylyn had a blast and she already wants to go back!

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